Stone Arabie Tartan Blankets are deliciously warm, thick and long-lasting. The usual weight of blanket is handwoven from two-ply yarn from one of two mills; either Quebecoise, produced by Filature Lemieux of Quebec, or Heritage, produced by Briggs & Little of New Brunswick. They are both spun and dyed in Canada, but Quebecoise is spun from New Zealand wool, whereas Heritage is spun from Canadian wool.

Both yarns full beautifully to produce soft and long-lasting blankets. The Briggs & Little yarn is also available in single ply, which produces a lighter cloth which may be preferred for car and lap blankets. For comparison, the single-size 2-ply blankets weigh roughly 3 lbs and are approximately a quarter of an inch thick, whereas the single-ply blankets weigh about 2 lbs and are slightly over an eighth of an inch thick. If you would like to feel the difference please contact me for samples.

Both companies also produce three-ply yarns which weave and full to very heavy blankets - please contact me for free samples and prices.

For a less traditional yarn, but a sumptuously skin-soft blanket, I use Lamb's Pride Worsted produced by the Brown Sheep Company of Nebraska, USA. This is a mix of locally produced wool (85%) and mohair (15%). The wool is especially fine (23 - 25 microns) and the colours deeply-dyed.

Selection of Tartans
Stone Arabie Blankets (from top: MacPherson, MacKenzie, Manitoba, Cunningham and Fitzpatrick)

MacPherson Tartan MacPherson Tartan

After weaving, the blankets are fringed and then hand washed in pure (hypoallergenic) soap and fulled to the required width. (Fulling is a traditional process in which the wool is agitated in warm soapy water to encourage the wool to thicken and mat making the blanket stronger, warmer and more water-proof.) They are then hand-rinsed in mountain water.

The single size allows for three to four repeats of the pattern across the width of the blanket, and four to five repeats down the length. My price list gives prices for blankets to fit standard bed sizes, but I would be happy to quote for other sizes.

Although I primarily weave blankets to order, I sometimes have a few in stock.  To view my current stock, click here.