MacKenzie Tartan

MacKenzie Tartan

If you want to find your tartan there are a number of useful internet sites that provide databases of tartans.

The Scottish Register of Tartans is the formal register of tartans that was set up by the Scottish Government at the beginning of 2009. Their search engine is currently rather basic.

The Scottish Tartans Authority is an independant charity that promotes and researches tartan. The STA database is much larger than the Scottish Tartans register with more than 7,000 entries (3,000 more than the Register), and the search engine is more advanced and user-friendly.

The House of Tartan, a major Scottish weaving company, also provide a database which shows the tartan patterns 'up-front' although it is basically an alphabetical list of tartans.

Alternatively, as a member of the Scottish Tartans Authority, I can research your tartan based on your family surnames, place of birth or residence, etc ... and provide you with a choice of the patterns available to you.  Please click here for my contact details.