These are the temari I am working for the Honka (Standard) level of certification with the Japanese Temari Association.

The temari designs in the following pages come from the following books:

   Yashashii Temari (Cosmo 1)  by Chiyoko Ozaki (ISBN: 4-8377-0279-5),

   Tanoshii Temari Aso (Fun with Temari)  by Toshiko Ozaki (ISBN: 4-8377-0103-3),

   Utsukushii Temari (Beautiful Temari)  by Chiyoko Ozaki and Toshiko Ozaki (ISBN: 4-5290-2782-1),

   Kawaii Temari (Lovely Temari)  by Toshiko Ozaki (ISBN: 4-5290-5418-8),

   Temari Junikagatsu (Temari for Twelve Months Vol. 1)  by Chiyoko Ozaki (ISBN: 4-8377-0690-8),

   Watashi no Temari Nyumon (My Temari Primer)  by Chiyoko Ozaki and Toshiko Ozaki (ISBN: 4-8377-0486-7), and

   Hana Temari Nyumon (Flower Temari for Beginners)  by Yoko Takahara (ISBN: 4-8377-0395-2).