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This tartan was designed by Ronnie Hek in 2010, based on a concept originated by Bernard Cormier, Cultural Affairs Officer of the City of Saint John. The Saint John New Brunswick tartan was commissioned by Claudia MacLean of ScotDance New Brunswick as a legacy gift to the City of Saint John, New Brunswick following the 2007 ScotDance Canadian Championship Series.

The significance of the colours in the tartan are as follows:

- a predominant colour in Canada's national flag;
- the colour of courage and sacrifice and pays homage to the Loyal Americans who helped build our City;
- the colour honours the service and sacrifice of our veterans and military for preserving the country's tradition of freedom;
- and it is the colour of the official flower of Saint John, the red geranium.


- is emblematic of all the past waves of immigration to our shores using the waters of the harbour and rivers. The aboriginal peoples, the French, the Loyalists, the Irish, and all subsequent newcomers to our area used the water system as the main means of transportation;
- Saint John is a well established seaport and is the anchor to the Bay of Fundy. Blue represents the waters of the Atlantic and the many rivers and lakes within the City's boundaries.


- is found in the colours of earth, wood and stone;
- the colour is respectfully dedicated to represent the caretakers of our land, the first nations' people - it reflects the rich shipbuilding tradition of the region;
- and it is the colour of the moose, 'Monarch of the Forest', which are the supporters on the City's common seal.


- depicts the natural environment so abundant in our place;
- it is associated with the trees of the forest used in trade and commerce;
- and Saint John is known as 'Canada's most Irish City'.


LB/2 T24 LB6 R30 W30 G6 W2 G6 W30 R30 LB24 R4 G/2 (SRT No. 10132)