Port Hood (Seastago or Chestico in Gaelic) is a small fishing village on the west coast of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. The tartan was designed in 1993 by Mary, Ann and Rachel Smith as a tribute to the community. It is managed and promoted by the Chestico Museum & Historical Society and its registration as a District tartan is supported by the Municipality of the County of Inverness.

The brown in the tartan recalls the original name for Chestico, ‘Mi’kmaq’, which translates as 'sand bar'.


** If you intend to weave or otherwise use any of these patterns, please be aware that you may need the written permission of the designer or producer. This information can be found in the Scottish Register of Tartans.

B/40 T2 B2 T2 DG16 K2 W/6 (SRT No. 10867)