Prior to 2009, tartans could be registered in two databases: the Scottish Tartans World Register (STWR), or the International Tartans Index (ITI) maintained by the Scottish Tartans Authority (STA). These databases contained over 4000 tartan designs from many countries. In 2009 the Tartan Act created the role of the Keeper of the Tartans and these two databases were merged, and all subsequent tartan designs are now recorded in the Scottish Register of Tartans (SRT). This is my main source of information for all tartans post-2009.

Some Canadian tartans have been registered with what is now the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, and the designs are maintained in the Canadian Industrial Designs Database (CIDD). This resource has provided new information regarding some of the Canadian tartans recorded in the ITI, as well as providing details of tartans not found in the ITI. A few tartans can also be found in the Canadian Copyrights Database (CCD).

Where possible, I have consulted the towns, cities, municipalities, corporations, families, etc… to check the information from my sources, and in some cases I have obtained further information by consulting with individual designers, weaving guilds, pipe and drum bands, etc…

These are the main texts I consulted:

District Tartans by Gordon Teall of Teallach and Philip D. Smith Jr (London, 1992)
The Compendium of District Tartans by Matthew Newsome and James Bullman (Scotdisc, 2004)
Tartans: Vols I - III by William H Johnston and Philip D. Smith Jr.
World Tartans by Iain Zaczek (New York, 2001)
The Setts of the Scottish Tartans by Douglas Stewart (1950)
Tartan: The Highland Textile by James Scarlett (1990)
The Tartan Weaver's Guide by James Scarlett (1985)